An Open Letter in Support of Black Lives Matter – Toronto, the Arrestees and Artists

We, a group of artists, arts administrators, curators and arts professionals, are writing to express our concern and anger over the criminalization of peaceful protest, artistic intervention, dissent and Black action. Black Lives Matter Toronto recently organized a peaceful intervention to call attention to the ways that Canadian society pays tribute to racism and colonial violence through the statues of Egerton Ryerson, John A. Macdonald, and King Edward VII. This protest was met with an egregious amount of police harassment and intimidation tactics. It resulted in over 20 police officers kettling three of the attendees, arresting them, and holding them for over 16 hours without explanation, or confirmation. Access to legal counsel was not provided for over 5 hours. The artists were detained without access to medical attention and without vital medication. When questioned, the police misled the public and changed their story multiple times throughout the day. BLM called for a 6 PM rally to call for the release of the artists. At 5:24 PM the police issued a press release stating that 2 out 3 of the artists had been released. BLM members were unable to reach their ‘released’ colleagues. After the press left, some time around 8 PM, the police changed their story and stated that all three were still detained.

The statues are unquestionably racist. Egerton Ryerson was a principal architect in the development of the Residential School System in Canada, a genocidal system that terrorized generations of Indigenous children and their families. He also supported segregated schooling that separated Black children from white children.

Sir John A. MacDonald created and promoted genocidal policies, and oversaw the intentional starvation of Indigenous communities that killed over 10,000 people between 1800-55. Macdonald had close ties to the Maafa, commonly referred to as the slave trade, in the Americas and was a vocal supporter of the pro-slavery Confederacy during the American Civil War.

The statue of King Edward VII was a colonial monument originally installed in a public square in Delhi, India. Removed by the Indian people after Independence, it was brought to Canada by a private interest, and was installed, even against the wishes of the then City Council in one of Toronto’s most well-loved public spaces.

Artistic interventions on monuments have a long and well established history. Monuments are not symbols of history but rather, symbols of intentional emphasis. Artistic responses to the existence of these monuments is both protected political speech and a recognized artistic practice.

We affirm our position that these monuments honour legacies of racial violence, segregation and genocide, and that their presence in public space emphasizes that the lives and histories of Black and Indigenous people are not valued in spaces that we all share. These monuments are physical embodiments of state-sanctioned systems of oppression and contribute to the ongoing endangerment, imprisonment and murder of Black and Indigenous people.

These monuments must be removed. We affirm that the action by Black Lives Matter Toronto and their allies on Saturday was an artistic intervention to bring attention to and disrupt these narratives of white supremacy. There is no place for these monuments in our society and criminalizing those that attend protests calling for their removal and the defunding of police reinforces the deep rooted anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism in the Toronto Police force.

Together with BLMTO we demand:

– a removal of these monuments

– an end to criminalizing of peaceful protest and an end to the continued surveillance of BLMTO

– all charges be dropped against those detained in connection with the intervention: Jenna Reid, Danielle Smith and Daniel Gooch

– an immediate reduction of the existing $1.1 billion Toronto police budget by a minimum of 50% (as opposed to the 10% cut proposed by Toronto city councillors)

– The establishment of Black and Indigenous-led, Mad- and disability-informed mental health crisis support and response teams

Black Lives Matter Toronto are people, mostly young people who choose to engage because they believe in the values of decency, democracy and justice. We demand leadership in a critical moment that is evolving into a social justice movement— one that is truly reflective of communities of care, and that is grounded in integrity, love, compassion and true equality, for all.



Abby David
Abby Ho
Abedar Kamgari
Abigail Whitney
Abiodun Junaid
Adam Barrett
Adam Cowan
Adam Dirks
adam kinner
Adam Lauder
Adam Phipps
Adela Bezemer-Cleverly
Adi Berardini
Adria Kray
Adrian Underhill
Adriana Alarcon
Adrien Hall
Adrienne Costantino
Adrienne Crossman
Adrienne Hunter
Adrienne Kammerer
Adrienne Matheuszik
Adrienne Reynolds
Adrienne Scott
Aeman Ansari
Aemilius Milo Ramirez
Aeyliya Husain
Afi Browne
Afnan Al-rashid
Ahlam Hassan
Aidan Cowling
Aimée Claxton
Aimée Mitchell
Ainsleigh Spencer
Ainslie Lahey
Airick Woodhead
Aisha Ghali
Aisha Lesley Bentham
Aisha Sasha John
Aislinn Rose
Aitak Sorahitalab
Aiza Ntibarikure
AJ Carr
AJ Johnson
A.J. Servillon
Ajahnis Charley
Akilah Child
Akshata Naik
Ala Koreitem
Alana Didur
Alana Traficante
Alanis Obomsawin
Alanna Fennell
Alanna Lynch
Alanna Macaulay
Alanna McConnell
Alena Koroleva
Alessandra Abballe
Alessandra Cardarelli
Alessandra Jodhan
Alethea Arnaquq-Baril
Althea Balmes
Alex Ateah
Alex Berceanu
Alex Bullen-Genis
Alex Flores
Alex Fournier
Alex Fronckiewicz
Alex J Squire
Alex Keith
Alex King
Alex Punzalan
Alex Usquiano
Alex Wood
Alexa Hatanaka
Alexa Higgins
Alexa Mardon
Alexander Barattin
Alexander Steinitz
Alexandher Brandy
Alexander Carson
Alexandra Gelis
Alexandra Gutierrez
Alexandra Hong
Alexandra Iorgu
Alexandra Napier
Alexandra Simpson
Alexi Pedneault
Alexia Bréard-Anderson
Alexis Eastman
Ali Berkok
Ali Kazimi
Ali Moenck
Ali S. Qadeer
Ali Weinstein
Alica Hall
Alice Rose
Alicia Douglas
Alicia K. Harris
Alicia Nauta
Alina Kuzma
Alisa Gayle
Alisha Davidson
Alisha Van Wieren
Alison Denham
Alison Duke
Alison Mills
Alison Wong
Aliya Pabani
Alize Zorlutuna
Allie Blumas
Allie Harvey
Allison Collins
Allison Ho-sang
Alliyah Wint
Allyson Adley
Allyson Mitchell
Alma Visscher
Althea Arnaquq Baril
Álvaro Girón
Alvin Luong
Alvis Choi
Alysa Pires
Alysha Seriani
Alyssa Bistonath
Alyssa Fearon
Alyssa Ginsburg
Alyssa Jacoby
Alyssa Martin
Alyssa Pothier
Amahl Arulanandam
Amanda Acorn
Amanda Bateman
Amanda Davis
Amanda Lindenbach
Amanda Low
Amanda Priebe
Amanda Pye
Amanda Wand
Amanda White
Amar Wala
Amber Astrope
Amber Dawn
Amber Helene Muller St. Thomas
amber pulleyblank
Amber Starks
Ambera Wellmann
Ame Henderson
Amelia Ehrhardt
Amelia Sargisson
Amethyst Barron
Ami Spears
Amina Ally
Amish Morrell
Ammar Keshodia
Amy Bagshaw
Amy Gottlieb
Amy Gottung
Amy Lam
Amy MacCutchan
Amy McKenzie
Amy Siegel
Amy Swift
Amy Zhou
Amye St John
Ana-Marija Stojic
Ananda Gabo
Ananya Ohri
Anders Azzopardi
Anders Oinonen
Andie Wells
Andrea Borbley
Andrea Creamer
Andrea Donaldson
Andrea Fatona
Andrea Gelinas
Andrea Hylton
Andrea Ridgley
Andrea Spaziani
Andrew Barr
Andrew Chung
Andrew Finlay Stewart
Andrew Harding
Andrew Hastings
Andrew Hunter
Andrew James Paterson
Andrew Lam
Andrew Lochhead
Andrew Maize
Andrew McGill
Andrew Moir
Andrew Noseworthy
Andrew Pelrine
Andrew Townsend
Andrew Woodrow-Butcher
Andria Wilson
Andy Nguyen
Angad Bhalla
Angel Callander
Angela Britto
Angela Sweeting
Angelo Luu
Angelo Muredda
Angie Aranda
Angie Chan
Angus Ferguson
Anik Glaude
Anique Jordan
Anita Grace
Anita Majumdar
Ann Trépanier
Ann-Marie Williams
Anna Aleksanyan
Anna Camilleri
Anna Gutmanis
Anna Lee
Anna Lippman
Anna Luo
Anna May Henry
Anne Campbell
Anne Cayer
Anne Riley
Anne Webber
Anni Araujo Spadafora
Annie Clarke
Annie Gibson
Annie Koyama
Annie Wong
Annunziata Morant
Ansley Simpson
Anupa Mistry
Anuradha Sen
Apanaki Temitayo
Apanaki Temitayo M
Aparna Halpé
April Aliermo
Archer Pechawis
Aria Evans
Arianne Di Nardo
Ariel Bader-Shamai
Arjuna Satchithananthan
Aruna Zehra Boodram
Aryen Hoekstra
Asad Raza
Ashley Champion
Ashley Jane Lewis
Ashley Marshall
Ashley Perez
Ashley Watson
Ashok Mathur
Asli Özüak
Astrid Ho
Athena Holmes
Atleigh Homma
Audrey Huntley
Augusto Bitter
Austin Henderson
Ava Homa
aviva Armour-Ostroff
Ayesh Kanani
Ayumi Goto
b.h. yael
Babette Burrell
Bailey Green
Barb Nahwegahbow
Barb Taylor
Barbara Cole
Barbara Johnston
Barbora Racevičiūtė
Bareket Kezwer
Barri Cohen
Bea Wijshijer
Beatriz Pizano
Becca Howes
Becky Johnson
Becky Katz
Bee Fawn
Bejamin Thomas
Bekah Simms
Belinda Kwan
Belle Jumelles
Ben Coleman
Ben Stephenson
Benjamin Biro
Benjamin de Boer
Benjamin Durham
Benjamin Kamino
Benjamin Thomas
Benoit Christie
Berenicci Hershorn
Beth Anne Ellipsis
Beth Frey
Beth Mairs
Bethany Litner
Betty Julian
Bill Ward
Billy Hamilton
Billy Lake
Birgitta Pavić
Bishara Elmi
Blair Fornwald
Blaise Crocker
Blythe Haynes
Bob Wiseman
Bonnie Devine
Bonnie Jean More
Bopha Chhay
Bradley Myles
Brady Cranfield
Bran Dawley
Brandan Doty
Brayden Jamil Cairns 
Breanne Ritchie
Breeze Romain
Brenda Joy Lem
Brenda Longfellow
Brendan D’Souza
Brendan Gall
Brendan Healy
Brendan Jensen
Brent Bowers
Breton Lalama
Brett Story
Brian St. Denis
Brianna McFarlane
Brianna Playter
Bridget Moser
Brighid Fry
Brigid Tierney
Brigitte Plouffe
Britta Badour
Brittany Amell
Brittany Craig
Brock Hessel
bryan depu
Bryan P. Hughes
Bryn Kennedy
Bryne McLaughlin
Byron Armstrong
Byron M. Dueck
Cadence Planthara
Caileigh Suline
Cailleah Scott-Grimes
Cait Stewart
Caitlin Chen
caitlin durlak
Caitlin Jones
Caitlin McGuire
Caitlyn Murphy
Caitlyn Ryall
Calder White
Calla Durose-Moya
Calvin Climie
Cameron Bailey
Cameron North
Camila Diaz-Varela
Camille Rojas
Camille Turner
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Candice Jacko
Canisia Lubrin
Cara Spooner
Carissa Ainslie
Carl Shura
Carla Garnet
Carla Rice
Carlie Howell
Carlo Vitelli
Carlos Jimenez
Carly Chamberlain
Carlyn Bezic
Caryn Chappell
Carmen Aguirre
Carmen Elle
Carmen Papalia
Carmen Rodríguez
Carmen Victor
Carol Harvey Steski
Carole Conde
Carolina Gama
Caroline Azar
Caroline Liffmann
Carolyn Henderson
Carolyn Jervis
Carrianne Leung
Carrie Hage
Caryn Chappell
Cason Sharpe
Cass Beauvais
Cass Gardiner
Cassandra Bowerman
Cassandra Myers
Cassaundra Chiu
Cat Hart
Cat Lachowskyj
Catalina Fellay
Catherine Black
Catherine Everson
Catherine Hernandez
Catherine Karpman
Catherine Kidd
Catherine Scott
Cathleen Jayne Calica
Cathryn Naiker
Cathy Gordon
Cathy Gulkin
Cathy Paine
Cayley James
Cecilia C. Garcia
Celeste Koon
Chanda Chevannes
Chandra Melting Tallow
Chantal Gibson
Chantal Rousseau
Chantelle Hope
Charlene Dinger
Charlene K. Lau
Charles Campbell
Charlie Jane Smith
Charlit Floriano
Charlotte Cornfield
Charlotte Stewart-Juby
Charlyn Wee
Charmaine Lurch
Cheldon Paterson
Chelsea Cameron-Fikis
Chelsea McBride
Chelsea Preston
cheyanne turions
Chiedza Pasipanodya
Chloe Ings
Chloë Lum
Chris Atell
Chris Chin
Chris Curreri
Chris Foster
Chris Hemer
Chris Kennedy
Chris Mendoza
Chris Mitchell
Chris Worden
Chrisann Hessing
Christeen Salik
Christi Belcourt
Christie Del Monte
Christian Arab
Christian Siroyt
Christie Dorion
Christina Bakas
Christina McCarvell
Christina Zeidler
Christine Atkinson
Christine Higdon
Christine Mangosing
Christine Negus
Christine Pellerin
Christine Swintak
Christine Sylvester
Christine Wu
Christopher Camirand
Christopher Douglas
Christopher House
Christopher Pandolfi
Christopher Sawchyn
Christopher Willes
Christy Garland
Christy Kunitzky
Christy Stoeten
C.J. Astronomo
Cindy Blazevic
Cindy Mochizuki
Cissie Fu
Claire Allore
Claire Browne
Claire Burns
Claire Freeman-Fawcett
Claire G. Coleman
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Connie Oreamuno
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Courtney Ho
Courtney Jane Walker
Courtney Pedersen
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Craig Berggold
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Craig Spence
Craig Stewart
Cristal Buemi
Curtia Wright
Cyrus Sundar Singh
D.J. Sylvis
Dallas Fellini
Damla Tamer
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Dan Browne
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Danielle Hansen
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David Joron
David Meyers
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David Webb
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Dean Baldwin
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Deanna Naccarato
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Diana Fitzgerald Bryden
Diana Vandermullen
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Karen Emerson
Karen Miranda Augustine
Karen Ng
Kari Cwynar
Karie Liao
Karin Jorritsma
Karl Beveridge
Karla Rae
Karleen Pendleton Jiménez
Karthy Chin
Kasra Goodarznezhad
Kat Estacio
Kat Sandler
Kat Singer
Kate Bradfield
Kate Carter
Kate De Lorme
Kate Fitzgerald
Kate Franklin
Kate Hang
Kate Killet
Kate Kolberg
Kate Macdonald
Kate Nankervis
Kate Noyes
Kate Palumbo
Kate Schneider
Kate Stashko
Kate Welsh
Kate Werneburg
Kate Wilson
Kate Wivell
Katelyn Moore-Skybyk
Katelyn Southern
Katerina Cizek
Katherine Connell
Katherine Elaine Laurin
Katherine Gauthier
Katherine Gillespie
Katherine Hagerty
Katherine Semchuk
Kathleen McLean
kathleen Mullen
Kathleen Watson
Kathryn MacInnis
Kathy Lewis
Kathy Wazana
Katia Houde
Katie Bethune-Leamen
Katie Ellen Humphries
Katie Hernandez
Katie Kotler
Katie Lawson
Katie Micak
Katie Monks
Katie Ryerson
Katie Yealland
Katja van den Enden
Katrin Sawatzky
Katrina Darychuk
Katrina Orlowski
Katrina Singleton
Katy Stenberg-Baine
Kaushalya Bannerji
kaya joan
Kayan Choi
Kayleigh Poelman
Kayleigh Thomson
kaysie quansah
Keagan Eskritt
Keanen Schnoor
Keiko Hart
Keileigh Lowe
Keisha James
Keith Chenier
Kelly Lui
Kelly Lycan
Kelly McInnes
Kelly McMichael
Ken McDonald
Kendra Miller
Kendra Robertson Ainsworth
Kendra Yee
Kent Monkman
Kent Tate
Kenton Smith
Kerri Sakamoto
Kevan Funk
Kevin A. Ormsby
Kevin Boothe
Kevin Reigh
Kevin Y. Wong
Kezia Sinclair
Kieran Adams
Kierra Walsh-Lopez
Kiersten Tough
Kim Armstrong
Kim Dayman
Kim Finuliar-Beckford
Kim Stanford
Kimberly Edgar
Kirill Melamed
Kirk DeMatas
Kirstie McCallum
Kit Boulter
Kiva Reardon
KJ McKnight
Kohen Hammond
Kohila Kurunathan
Komi Olaf
Kris Maddigan
Krista Jackson
Krista McNaughton
Kristan Klimczak
Kristel Jax
Kristen Schaffer
Kristi Poole-Adler
Kristie MacDonald
Kristin Street
Kristina Corre
Kristina ileana koski
Kristina McMullin
Kristine Flores
Krystal Jagoo
Krystal Kiran
kumari giles
Kyla Ross
Kyle Bergstresser
Kyle Bishop
Kyle Feistmantl
Kyle Mowat
Kyo Maclear
La Mar
Lachina Tycho Mckenzie
Ladonna Cox
Lamia Gibson
Lana Kouchnir
Landon Krentz
Lanie Chalmers
Lara Schmitz
Larissa Lai
Lashaan Prabaharan
Laura Barrett
Laura Crowell
Laura DeHaan
Laura Di Fiore
Laura Findlay
Laura Gladwell
Laura Grier
Laura Higgins
Laura Holland
Laura Kay Keeling
Laura Millard
Laura Nanni
Laura Phillipps
Laura Seabrook
Laura St Aman
Laurel Smith
Lauren Cullen
Lauren Gould
Lauren Howes
Lauren Lavery
Lauren Munro
Lauren Tamaki
Lauren Toyota
Lauren Willis
Laurie Kang
Layne Hinton
Leah Bethke
Leah Meers
Leah-Simone Bowen
Leanna Marshall
Lee Aaron Wiesblatt
Lee Maracle
Leena Raudvee
Leila Almawy
Leila Timmins
Lena Golubtsova
Lennox Roach
Leslie Carty
Leslie Feist
Leslie Francombe
Leslie Fritz
Leslie McBay
Leslie Plumb
Letticia Cosbert Miller
Lewis Nicholson
Lex Burgoyne
Lexi Vajda
Liam Rhutilius
Liana Schmidt
Lib Spry
Lido Pimienta
Liisa Repo-Martell
Lila Karim
Lila Pine
Lili Todd
Lillian O’Brien Davis
Lily Makowski
Lina Wu
linda Dawn Pettigrew
Linda Carreiro
Linda Heron
Lindsay Blair Goeldner
Lindsay Tapscott
Lindsey Hull
Lis Xu
Lisa Conway
Lisa Deanne Smith
Lisa MacDonald
Lisa Martin
Lisa Myers
Lisa Richter
Lisa Rideout
Lisa Smolkin
Lisa Terry
Liz Beeforth
Liz Ikiriko
Liz Marshall
Liza Balkan
Liza Kim Jackson
Liza Paul
Lizz Aston
lo bil
Lodoe Laura
Logan Dunn
Logan MacDonald
Lois Andison
Loree Erickson
Lorena Salomé
Lorna Mills
Louie Short
Louis Percival
Luba Magnus
Lucas Regazzi
Lucie Chan
Lucy Cook
Lucy Eveleigh
Lucy M. May
Luis Calderon
Luka Kuplowsky
Lukas Malkowski
Luke Boyko-phelan
Luke Higginson
Luke Painter
Luke Reece
Lulu Wei
Luxmi Shanmuganantha
Luxshanaa Sebarajah
Lynda Lemberg
Lyndsey Cope
Lynn Hutchinson Lee
Mab Coates-Davies
Mackenzie Longpre
Maddie Bautista
Maddie Lychek
Maddy Mathews
Madelin Dawson
Madeline McKinnell
Madelaine Rose
Madelaine Russo
Madeleine Lynch
Madelyne Beckles
Mads Clement
Maegan Broadhurst
Meghan Price
Maegan Rose Mehler
Maev Beaty
Magali Meagher
Magdalena Kogut
Maggie Archer
Maggie Ward
Magnolia Pauker
Mahlikah Awe:ri
Majid Al-Maskati
Malini Guha
Mandi Howard
Mani Mazinani
Mara Nesrallah
Marc Serpa Francoeur
Marcel North Gallant
Marci T. House
Marcos Arriaga
Margaret Webb
Margarita Valderrama
Margaux Labossière
Maria Legault
Maria Meindl
Maria Simmons
Maria Thereza Alves
Maria Teresa Larrain
Maria Tran
Mariam Zaidi
Maricris Rivera
Marie Sotto
Marie Wilson
Marie-Claire Marcotte
Mariel Rutherford
Mariful Alan Galey
Marilyn Fernandes
Marina Fathalla
Marjan Verstappen
Marjorie Chan
Mark Godfrey
Mark Gold
Mark Grundy
Mark Prier
Mark Reinhart
Mark Roberts
Mark Ross-Smith
Mark Zurawinski
Marki Sveen
Markus Harwood-Jones
Marley Allen-Ash
Marli Robinson
Marsya Maharani
Martha Chaves
Martín Anxxon
Martin Baron
Martin Helmut Reis
Marvin Luvualu
Marwa Al-Saqqar
Mary Corkery
Mary Joyce
Mary Patsiatzis
Mary Tremonte
Mary Wood
Mateo Galindo Torres
Matt Brown
Matt Foy
Matt Huether
Matt Jones
Matt Manhire
Matt Nish-Lapidus
Matthew Behrens
Matthew Cordero
Matthew Fava
Matthew Price
Matthew Rolfe 
Matthew See
Maureen Da Silva
Maureen Hynes
Max Cotter
Max Deneau
Max Donaldson
Max Ferguson
Max Mohenu
Maximilian Mosher
Maximilian Suillerot
Maxine Proctor
May Ann Kainola
Maya Bastian
Maya Halko
Meagan Musseau
Meaghan Barry
Mée Rose
Meg Warren
Megan Carriere
Megan Hawley
Megan MacLaurin
Meghan Beatty
Meghan McKnight
Meghan Paton
Meichen Waxer
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Melanie Egan
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Melissa D’Agostino
Melissa General
Melissa Hudson
Melissa Noventa
Melissa Story
Melissa Pacifico
Melissa Wand
Melody McKiver
Mengzhu Fu
Meredith Blackmore
Meredith Jay
Meredith Potter
Meredith Thompson
Merlin Hargreaves
Meryem Alaoui
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Miao Liu
Michael Butler
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Michael Madjus
Michael Magnussen
Michael Maranda
Michael Seleski
Michael Skyers
Michael Thompson
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Michael Warren
Michaëlle Sergile
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Michelle Cieloszczyk
Michelle Dumont
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Michelle Homonylo
Michelle Irving
Michelle Jacques
Michelle Latimer
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Michelle Peek
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Michelle Schiarizza
Michelle St. John
Michelle van Beusekom
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Michelle Wilson
Mickey Mackenna 
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Mike Goldby
Mike Halichuck
Mike Hoolboom
Mikela Jay
Mikil Rullman
Mila Natasha Mendez
Milenko Vujošević
Miles Breithaupt
Miles Forrester
Miles Rufelds
Mimi Mok
Min Sook Lee
Minerva Mullally
Mingjia Chen
Mirae Lee
Miranda Gee Jones
Miriam Cummings
Miriam Grenville
Mishann Lau
Mitchell Gosse
Mitchell Keys
Miyako Kurihashi
Miyonna Ochrym
Mohammad Rezaei
Moira Ness
Molly Aylwin
Molly Johnson
Mona Filip
Mona Oikawa
Monique Aura Bedard
Monique Mojica
Morgan Sears-William
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Morris Lum
Mosa McNeilly
Moyra Turkington
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Myfanwy Ashmore
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Myst Milano
Myung-Sun Kim
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Nadia Kurd
Nadia L. Hohn
Nadia Moss
Nadijah Robinson
Nadine Haddad
Nadine Sookermany
Nadine Valcin
Nadine Villasin Feldman
Nafisa Kaptownwala
Nahed Mansour
Naila Keleta-Mae
Najla Edwards
Nalo Hopkinson
Naomi Ceppetelli
Naomi McCarroll-Butler
Narendra Pachkhédé
Nasrin Himada
Nat Saavedra
Nataleah Hunter-Young
Natalie Field
Natalie Fullerton
Natalie Gisele
Natalie King
Natalie Majaba Waldburger
Natalie Wood
Natasha Powell
Natasha Martin 
Natassia Morris
Nathan Cyprys
Nathan Heuvingh
Nathan Sartore
Nathaniel Hanula-James
Natia lemay
Naty Tremblay
Navi dhanota
Navid Amini
Nawang Tsomo
Neal Poirieri
Ned Dickens
Nedda Baba
Neena Sharma
Neil Anderson
Neil Maguire
Neil Rankin
Nellie Lamb
Nenookaasi Ochrym
Ness Lee
Nestor Chumak
Neta J. Rose
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Nicholas Dyson
Nicholas McKinlay
Nicholas Murray
Nicholas Sassoon
Nick Hector
Nick Silvani
Nick Storring
Nick Zubeck
Nicky Nasrallah
Nico Tripodi
Nicole Brunel
Nicole Collins
Nicole Crozier
Nicole Meehan
Nicole Peña

Nicole Rampersaud
Nicole Tollenar
Nicolette Brown
Nidhi Khanna
Nigit’stil Norbert
Nik Redman (Dj nik red)
Niki Padbury
Nikki Lynn Deschaine
Nikki Woolsey
Nikki Yee
Nilan Perera
Nimra Bandukwala
Nisha Pahuja
Njo Kong Kie
Noah Franche-Nolan
Nola Cooks
Noor Awan
Nyasha Warner
Oakley Kiss
Ocean Giovanni
Octavio Contreras
Ohji Inoue
Oliver Pauk
Olivia Herman
Olivia Shaffer
Omar Findlay
Omer Ismael
Omo Iserhienrhien
Onika Powell
Orin T. McRey
Orvis Starkweather
Oscar Alfonso
Otoniya J Okot Bitek
Owen Pallett
Pablo Muñoz
Paige Gratland
Paige McLachlan
Pam Johnson
Pamela Dodds
Pamila Matharu
Paola Gomez
Paramita Nath
Parker Kay
Parul Pandya
Patrice Roc
Patricia Ritacca
Patricio Dávila
patrick cruz
Patrick Gauthier
Patrick Haye
Patrick Kelly
Patrick Kyle 
Patrick Lynn
Patrick Smith
Patrick Walters
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Paul Kajander
Paul M. Taylor
Paul Neary
Paulina O’Kieffe Anthony
Paulina Wiszowata
Pavitra Wickramasinghe
Paz Jurado
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Peri Greig
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Peter Brown
Peter Hobbs
Peter Kingstone
Peter Lynch
Peter Morin
Peter Rahul
Petrina Ng
Philip Laffin
Philip Leonard Ocampo
Phyllis Novak
Pickles LaVey
Piers Nicholas Cooper
Piper Curtis
Polina Teif
Pratishtha Kohli
Preethi Jagadeesh
Qamar Hamadi
Queek Kukoyi
Rabiya Mansoor
Rachael Cardiello
Rachana Joshi
Rachel Barna
Rachel Buchholtzer
Rachel Butler
Rachel Iwaasa
Rachel Jane David
Rachel Kennedy
Rachel Letofsky
Rachel Matheson
Rachel Penny
Rah Eleh
Rajni Perera
Rakhee Morzaria
Rama Rau
Rami Schandall
ramolen laruan
Raoul Bhaneja
Raphael Roter
Raven Spiratos
Rea McNamara
Rebecca Applebaum
Rebecca Catching
Rebecca Garrett
Rebecca Hennessy
Rebecca Sweets
Rebecca Travis
Rebecca Vandevelde
Reese McCrone
Rehab Nazzal
Rekha Ramachandran
reknee harrett
Ren Niles
Renata Mohamed
Renée van der Avoird
Renelyn Quinicot
Reshma Narine
Reuben Hodari Clarke
Reza Nik
Rhea Daniels
Rhonda Riche
Rhonda Sussman
Rianne Svelnis
Ricardo Acosta
Richard Fung
Richard Lal
Richard-Yves Sitoski
Rick Roberts
Risa Horowitz
Rita Morcos
Rita Wong
River Radcliffe
Robbie Grunwald
Robert Dayton
Robert Grieve
Robert Jacob
Robert Kingsbury
Robert Lukacs
Robin Alex McDonald
robin bain
Robin Love
Robin Luckwaldt Ross
Robin Nishio
Robin Pacific
Robyn Phillips
Romeo Candido
romham pàdraig gallacher
Romy Lightman
Rose Ha
Rose-Mary Harbans
Rosina Kazi
Rosy Tutton
Rotem Anna Diamant
Rowan Lynch
Roy Mitchell
Roya Akbari
Roya DelSol
Rufina Ip
Ruhee Dewji
Rui Pimenta
Rupal Shah
Russo Chechelashvili
Ruth Cuthand
Ryan Dodgson
Ryan Ferko
Ryan Hayes
Ryan Lee 
Ryan Legassicke
Ryder Thomas White
Saada El-Akhrass
Sadie Ward
Sabrina Harvey-Mark
Sabrina Miller
Sadie Epstein-Fine
Safia Siad
Sahar Golshan
Sally Lee
Sally McKay
Sally Walker-Hudecki
Sam Carter-Shamai
Sam Cotter
Sam Linton
Sam Mishos
Sam Roberts
Samantha Wymes
Sameen Mahboubi
Sameena Anis
Sameena Topan
Sameer Farooq
Samirra Sada
Sammy Jamieson
Sandra Alland
Sandra Brewster
Sandra Glozshtein
Sandy Saad-Smith
Sanj Takar
Sanja J. D.
Sanjit Dhillon
Santiago Restrepo
Sapphira Charles
Sapphyre Poison
Sara Angelucci
Sara Constant
Sara Cwynar
Sara Frank
Sara Gold
Sara Kelly
Sara Kelly
Sara Melvin
Sara Pearson
Sara Sarhangpour
Sara Wylie
Sarah Bernard
Sarah Couture McPhail
Sarah Crawley
Sarah Cripps
Sarah Dowling
Sarah Febbraro
Sarah Galea-Davis
Sarah Gladki
Sarah Harvey
Sarah Howden
Sarah Kitz
sarah koekkoek
Sarah LeBret
Sarah Lochhead
Sarah Martens
Sarah May Taylor
Sarah Pinder
Sarah Polley
Sarah Robayo Sheridan
Sarah Shamash
Sarah Switzer
Sarah Thorpe
Sarah Tumaliuan
Sarah Waisvisz
Sarah Wong
Sarah-Tai Black
Sari Zon
Sarit Cantor
Sascha Cole
Saye Skye
Scooter Jay
Scott Dagostino
Scott Fraser
Scott Harwood
Scott McGovern
Scott Miller Berry
Scott Rigby
Scott Taylor
Sean Fisher
Sean Lee
Sean Martindale
Sean Marven
Sean Miller
Sean O’Neill
Sean Parsons
Sean Procyk
Sean Sandusky
Seanice Dennis
Sebastian Butt
Sebastián Marziali
Seika Boye
Serene Husni
Sergio Elmir
Serra Demers
Shabnam Sukhdev
Shadrach Kabango
Shaheer Tarar
Shaleen Hudda Mulvany
Shalyn McFaul
Shamina Chherawala
Shana Hillman
Shanda Bezic
Shandra Spears Bombay
Shani K Parsons
Shannon Garden-Smith
Shannon Gerard
Shannon Linde
Shannon Taylor-Jones
Shannon Walsh
Shant Joshi
Shantell Powell
Sharada Eswar
Sharon Lewis
Shary Boyle
Shasha Nakhai
Shaun Brodie
Shauna McCabe
Shauna Thompson
Shaunga Tagore
Shaunna Simpson
Shawn Skeir
Shay Erlich
Shazia Dasu
Sheena Blake
Sheena Hoszko
Sheila Sampath
Shelby Wright
Shelley Hamilton
Shellie Zhang
shenise Sigsworth
Sheri Nault
Sierra Chin Sawdy
Simon Black
Simon Cole
Simon M. Benedict
simon noa harder
Simon Turner
Simone Estrin
Simone Jones
Simone Latchmie
Simone Sicard
Simran Dadlani
Siobhan Galeazzi
Siva Sivarajah
Skye Wallace
Smadar Carmon
Sofiya Elzanaty
sofree roots
Solana Cain
Somer Johnston
Sonal Champsee
Sonia Vaillant
Sonny Assu
Sonny Berenson
Sonya Filman
Sonya Reynolds
Sook-Yin Lee
Sookie Bardwell
Sophia Oppel
Sophy Romvari
Spencer J. Harrison
Spencer James Harrison
Spencer Julien
Stacey Donen
Stacey Howchin
Stacey Shopsowitz
Stark Koenig
Stefan Babcock
Stefan Hegerat
Stefana Fratila
Steff Juniper
Stella Issac
Steph Yates
Stephanie Avery
Stephanie Cormier
Stephanie Fortin
Stephanie Harvey
Stephanie Latty
Stephanie Mae Draker
Stephanie Perron
Stephanie Taylor
Stephany Doucette
Stephen Elliot Buckley
Stephen McLeod
Stephen StChristian
Steven Beckly
Steven Ketko
Steven Sladkowski
Steven Smits
Stewart Innes
Su-Ying Lee
Su Ying Strang
sue goldstein
Sue Johnson
Sue Lloyd
Sue Shon
Sunny Nestler
Surendra Lawoti
Susan Aydan Abbott
Susan Heximer
Susan Nagy
Susie Burpee
Susy Oliveira
Suzanne Carte
svea Ferguson
Svetla Turnin
Sydney Jinjoe
Sydney Madia
Sylvie Brownlow
T. Taitt
T.L. Cowan
Tafari Wint
tahsin davdani
Taien Ng-Chan
Tajliya Jamal
Talia Golland
Tamara Brown
Tammy Stone
Tamyka Bullen
Tania Gill
Tannis Nielsen
Tanya Davis
Tanya Filipopoulos
Tanya Rintoul
Tara Dorey
Tara Kannangara
Tara MacDougall
Tara Mcllroy
Tara Rudnickas
Tash Naveau
Tasman Richardson
Tasneem Dairywala
tau lewis
Tave Cole
Taylor Hammond
Taylor Young
Ted Gudlat
Teddy Syrette
Teegan Macdonald
Tennille LIME 
Teresa M Carlesimo
Terra Long
Terri Monture
Teshaunna Gray-Brown
Tess Martens
tessar lo
Tetyana Herych
Thami Jothilingam
Thea Yabut
Theresa Aqui
Theresa James
Theresa Wang
Thirza Cuthand
Thom Smalley
Thom Stoneman
Thomas Colford
Thomas Hammerton
Thomas Leduc
Thomas McKechnie
Thomas Mosher
Tia Julien
Tia McGregor
Tiffany Hsiung
Tiffany Schofield
Tiffany Wu
TiKA Simone
Tilman Lewis
Timea Wharton-Suri
Timothy Crighton
Tina Fance
Tina Fushell
Tina Nawrocki
Tobaron Waxman
Tom Cho
Tom Craig 
Tom Hearn
Tom Hobson
Topher Stott
tori j wilcox
Tori Masters
Tova Kardonne
Tracey Deer
Tracy Ford
Treva Legassie
Trevor Blumas
Trevor Caruso
Trevor Schwellnus
Tricia Hagoriles
Tristan Banning
T’uy’t’tanat – Cease Wyss
Twoey Gray
Tyler Durbano
Tyler Harrison
Tyler J Sloane
Tyler Los-Jones
Tzazna Miranda Leal
Umair Jaffar
V. T. Nayani
Vale Warren
Valerie Buhagiar
Vanessa Brazeau
Vanessa Dion Fletcher
Vanessa Godden
Vanessa Kwan
Vanessa Rieger
Velcrow Ripper
Velvet Wells
Vicki Clough
Victor Martins
Victor O
Victor Willis
Victoria Caravaggio
Victoria Cheong
Victoria Mata
Victoria Wang
Vince Rozario
Virginia Gree
Vita Carlino
Viv Moore
Vivian Gomide
Vivian Rosas
Vivienne Wilder
Wade Hudson
Wafa Ktaech
Wanda Nanibush
Wendy Nichol
Wenting Li
Whess Harman
Willie Willis
Winnie Luk
Wy Joung Kou
Xenia Benivolski
Ximena Huizi
Xuan Ye
Xuan-Yen Cao
Yang Chen
Yaniya Lee
Yasmeen Nematt Alla
Yaya Yao
YC Lee
Yolonda Abrahams
Yoon Sun Choi
Yoonmee Han
Yung Chang
Yuula Benivolski
Yvonne Ochrym
Zach Olesinski
Zachar Mykula
Zachary Finkelstein
Zai Brown
Zainab Amadahy
Zana Kozomora
Zebv Diez
Zeesy Powers
Zile Liepins
Zoe Alexis-Abrams
Zoe Kreye
Zoey Zoric
Zoë Lepiano
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